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Micro Bore Pipe work, power flush in Great Glen, Leicester

Our customer in Great Glen in Leicestershire was experiencing poor central heating performance. Some of the down stairs radiators are plumbed in 8 mm copper pipes. Being an open vented heat only conventional boiler always prone to collect air through header tank and sludge up quickly.

3 weeks ago we put sentinel x800 into the system via header tank and installed a 28 mm Adey magnetic filter on the return pipe. Which is a good investment to collect magnetite particles and can be cleaned by users easily. We explained the procedure to clean the filter and our customer was cleaning the filter regularly now.

Expert plumbers in Leicester, went back to power flush the heating system. We used thermal imaging cameras to identify the problematic radiators first and removed them gave it a power wash in the garden (Karcher pressure wash) before we did the power flushing. This way the radiators cleaned as well as the pipe work and boiler.

The result was very impressive and the large house in Great Glen never been warn this before.

Way to forward

Conventional system. Leave sentinel x800 up to 4 weeks in the system while the heating working.

Use thermal imaging camera to find most slugged up radiators

Remove the radiators and pressure wash them (very slugged up ones)

Use power flushing machine to clean

Use RadHammer or VibraClean to agitate radiator

Clean header tank thoroughly

Leave sentinel x 100 inhibitor in the system to protect.

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