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Worcester Bosch Green Star 8000 30Kw Life Combi Boiler 10 Yr Warranty

Worcester Bosch Green Star 8000 LifeStyle boiler Price.

10-year warranty

Like for Like Worcester Bosch combi boiler replacement.

What is included

Full Price £3495.00 inc VAT

Save money – Adjust Boiler heat output( only by installers)

Modern condensing combi boilers can save you money on your utility bills straightaway. We can fine-tune your combi boiler to achieve condensing by adjusting the heating output requirements according to your home or business. Most manufacturers leave the heating output set to maximum and then leave that to the installer to set central heating output according to the requirements.

For example Worcester Bosch 29 Cdi ,34 CDi, 38 CDi and 42 CDi classic boilers set to 30 Kw central heating output by the factory. We can adjust that to your home requirement for heating mode but hot water mode set to maximum for better flow rate delivery. Example: A 3-bed semi-detached house built in 1970 with 8 radiators need only 12 – 15 Kw central heating output. If the boiler set to correct demand for heating it will condense properly and save you money. I.e It will only modulate from minimum to 12-15 Kw maximum. So give us a call for professional boiler installation in Leicester

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