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Pressurised Cylinder Installation (Mega Flo cylinder installation)

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Unvented Cylinder Installation

At Subs Plumbing and Heating, we supply, install, service and maintain unvented hot water systems. We recommend Mega Flo pressurised cylinder installations if you are having a new system fitted. However, if you require another brand or are supply the system yourself, we can and indeed have fitted systems from many other manufacturers.

Unvented cylinders operate by taking water directly from the mains water supply which provides a high pressure flow of water. An immersion heater then heats the water and this can be adapted to run from an existing boiler.
You’ll no longer have need for a cold water storage tank and because gravity is not needed to assist the flow of water, your unvented system can be position anywhere that is convenient in your home.

At Subs Plumbing and Heating, you will benefit from engineers who are fully qualified and Gas Safe registered, as well as a comprehensive customer service experience. We’re proud to keep Leicester’s plumbing networks running great, whether that’s in domestic or business properties.

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